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The Reading Circle meets every two months - on a weekday evening. Members read the same book and discuss it. The books are nominated by people in turn and can be of a religious theme or on a subject that can provoke discussion relating to our Christian beliefs.

If you are interested in being part of this group please contact the Church Office.

The Reading Circle met to discuss “Away with the Penguins” by Hazel Prior.

It tells the story of 85 year old wealthy Veronica McCreedy, an eccentric curmudgeon who lived on her own in a mansion by the sea. She has no real friends and no close family she knows of and is helped by Eileen a lady to comes in daily and acts as her home help and assistant.

Veronica wants to find a person or cause to leave her millions to. She becomes very interested in a nature documentary about Penguins in the Antarctic and their plight and makes arrangements to go and spend time in the scientific research centre where they are studying these animals. Nothing and no one can dissuade her from going to the Antarctic at her stage in life even though the scientists have the most basic living standards in an environment which is most unhospitable and experiences extreme weather conditions. She sees the work done to help the endangered Penguin communities as worthwhile of receiving all her money when she dies.

She does go and takes packets of Darjeeling tea which is a luxury she feels she cannot do without.

In the meanwhile she also employs an investigator to trace any relative she may have who is still alive and this investigation bears fruit.

As the story unfolds, we learn of the happy, feisty girl whose experience of loss and pain in her teenage years shape her to become the person she now is. A person who will not allow herself to be hurt by anyone again and who has experienced very little of what life might have offered her; till now……….



A couple of times a month a small group of friends from WMC play football as a way to enjoy fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ over sport.   We begin with a small prayer and maybe a gospel message before a 5-aside game lasting an hour. At the moment we are playing about twice a month although this may become more regular depending on people's availability.  You are welcome to join regardless of talent, as the more the merrier.  We are hoping that in time we may be able to develop this into an opportunity for outreach.