Books we have been reading recently...

Unexpected Healing, by Jennifer Rees Larcombe

Book Cover - Unexpected Healing

This book was written by a Christian woman whose ‘idyllic’ life was plagued by a terrible medical condition which changed her in every way, physically and mentally. It changed who she was as a person and virtually stripped her of her roles of wife and mother. Her caring husband had the impossible task of looking after her needs as well as those of their six children.

The book was written after she received God’s healing after much prayer and the book opens with the fact that she had been healed, so in a sense we read it knowing that this would happen at some point. Despite this it was quite a traumatic read, as we learned of the stages of deterioration she went through and the cost to those who loved her.

This book triggered much discussion about prayer and when it is answered and whether we get what we pray for. It made us think about the consequence of prayer being answered and healing being granted. It certainly got us thinking about how life can change very quickly and reinforced that we are ultimately not in control of our own lives.