Large Hall: Conditions of Use 


The following restrictions on use apply:

  • No religious meetings that are contrary to the doctrines and beliefs of the Methodist Church.
  • No alcoholic beverages of any kind.
  • No parties for persons over the age of 10 unless a Member or Associated Member of Wallington Methodist Church.
  • No Gambling: Raffles or games of chance are permitted but only as an incidental part of the main event.  The total value (included donated gifts) of the prizes on offer at all the gambling activities at any particular event must not exceed £50.
  • No Martial Arts - unless strictly for self defence.
  • No individual political parties within one month prior to elections.
  • No frequent (daily/weekly) lets for retailing - monthly is acceptable.
  • No event which will clearly bring the church into disrepute.


  • The tables, if used, must be returned to the stands.
  • Chairs, if used, must be returned to their storage positions; a chair layout plan is located on the noticeboard.
  • Please note the stage area is not included, and should not be used.
  • No amplified music that can be heard outside the premises may be played
  • The premises must be vacated promptly at the end of the period booked and left clean and tidy. The hall must be locked and the keys returned to the booking secretary.
  • Please ensure all lights are turned off before you leave the premises.
  • Evening hire of the premises must end no later than 10.30pm when doors are locked.
  • If the premises are used for a jumble sale or fair, all items must be removed from the premises by the end of the period booked. 
  • Kitchen facilities are available if required.  All appliances must be left clean ready for the next user and all kitchen equipment, china and cutlery used must be washed and put away.
  • The kitchen is to be left clean and tidy. 

Please take all rubbish away with you - there are no on-site rubbish bins.

  • Breakages must be reported and paid for.
  • If the First Aid Box is used, the fact must be notified to ensure stocks are replenished.



  • The hire fee must be paid at least two weeks prior to the use of the premises.
  • If, in exceptional circumstances, the premises become unavailable after a booking has been offered or confirmed, the fee paid will be refunded in full.  No liability will be accepted for any cost/compensation.
  • At least one week's notice is required for any cancellation by the hirer; otherwise, regrettably, the deposit/full charge will be forfeited.
  • Separate insurance may be required, please check with the Booking Secretary.