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Wallington Methodist Church

Hall Hire


Our Small Hall is part of the church building and seats 20.

The current charge is £15 per hour.


Our Large Hall, housed in a separate building, can seat  a maximum of 100 at tables and has some kitchen facilities.  

The current charge is £70 for a three hour let, with additional hours at £15 an hour.

If you are looking for a regular weekly slot, please enquire about the hourly rates.



Large Hall









  Large Hall






Large Hall - tables







 Large Hall - chairs








Large Hall - kitchen








Large Hall - entrance & toilets



Both Halls are available for hire for either one off events or regular booking.

Click to see current regular use.

Some restrictions apply to the use of both Halls. Please click to see Conditions of Hire of Church Premises (Large Hall or Small Hall) for further information.


To enquire about a possible booking or for more information, please complete the enquiry form.

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