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Wallington Methodist Church


 Hello and thank you for visiting our web site.

Have you just moved to the Wallington area or are you looking for a church to worship in?

Perhaps you are not quite sure what you are looking for but want to try out a church in the area.

Perhaps you have been involved in other churches, maybe you went to Sunday School or Junior Church years ago or maybe you have never ever been inside a church and maybe if you have got this far you are wondering who, why or what “Worship” is.

Maybe you think you are too old, too young, too busy or too scared of becoming involved in "Religion"..........

Whatever!............ There are at least four ways of finding out more...............................

  • Look round the website and visit again..... The site is still rather new and bits will be added all the time.
  • Contact the Minister for a chat.
  • Come and visit on a Thursday morning. There is a coffee morning in the Church Hall next to the church from 10 am and the church is open from 11.00 am until noon for personal prayer and meditation. There will be someone there to talk to if you want to talk.
  • Playbox for young children and their carers meets on Monday morning.
  • Come and join us on Sunday Morning for worship at 10.30 am.  Meet a few people, talk to someone or just see if you feel comfortable. Come as you are. All we ask is that you respect the people present, and that you do not smoke, take mobile phone calls during the worship services or cause offence by your language or behaviour.

Wallington Methodist Church is a Protestant,Christian church following the Methodist tradition and interpretation of the teachings and life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as recorded in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. For more information about the Methodist Church in Great Britain please visit 

Visiting Wallington Methodist Church will not automatically make you a more spiritual person or a perfect Christian.....It takes a lifetime to travel the Christian path..........but it may be a step in your personal journey towards making you the person you are meant to become during your lifetime.



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Beddington Gardens